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It’s quite simple really, a little kindness goes a long way and I try to live up to Maya Angelou’s words: “People won't remember what you said, they won’t remember what you did; but they will remember how you made them feel.”  


I am a very proud mother of two grownup children who unfortunately live a long way away. They continuously amaze and inspire me and it looks like they have found a good balance following their dreams and life’s ambitions.


Sports, especially cricket, has been a thread throughout my life. It’s how I met my Kiwi husband in Holland a long time ago. Both of us enjoy going along to Trent Bridge to watch the Outlaws play but it was rugby that brought us to West Bridgford in  August 2016. Since, we have enjoyed many outings around the countryside to explore what our new country has to offer and it’s safe to say that we are absolutely loving it.


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As a ‘Dutch Kiwi’ I have lived amongst many cultures, lifestyles and work environments in the Netherlands and New Zealand over the past 25 years. I have been super spoiled working for some great companies and even better people in a variety of office, marketing, communications and event management roles.

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As an administrator based in the Nottingham office, my day revolves around providing a top notch overall financial planning service to our clients, advisers and paraplanners. I’m passionate about organising and feel very much at home within the Balance team making sure that everything is ticking along nicely and keeping everyone to up to date on the progress made.

0115 7722126

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