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I get a real buzz out of fixing problems (whether that's for a client, a colleague or my young children). Providing someone with a solution that improves their situation is hugely rewarding for me.


When I'm not working then for me it's all about my family - long walks, bike rides and as many fun days out as we can fit in.

Jon Page


I hold the Certificate in Financial Planning, the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and a number of additional financial planning qualifications.

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I've worked in the world of financial services for over a decade. During that time I have collaborated with different financial professionals including investment fund managers, financial advisers and accountants.


I have a wide knowledge of financial planning problems and solutions, which I draw on so I can help our clients with their different needs.


My role

What's important to me

I work side by side with our financial planners. My main role is to provide all the research, calculations and reports that are needed for our clients.


That includes everything from cash flow and wealth forecasting, researching investments and making sure everything happens as planned.


I also have a big part to play in designing and managing our financial planning systems and processes, so we can be sure we are working effectively, each and every time.


It's really important to me that our work is clear, accurate and thorough.

0115 7722126 or 07730 468863

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