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What to do when you receive a settlement


You might have received a settlement for many reasons: divorce, a personal injury claim or an employment law claim, to name a few.


But regardless of what the settlement relates to, it will probably have been a difficult journey getting to this point. And with the lawyers paid and the money in the bank you now need to turn to the future. In particular, making sure yours is as bright and secure as possible.


If you are going to receive a settlement, you will need advice about what to do with it, whether that's to repay debt, use it to provide an income, or invest it for the future. You may also need financial advice during the legal process, particularly if you will be awarded a share of your ex-partner's pension.


Our advice is to spend time thinking about what you want, and what you can afford. This should not be rushed, and we can help you with this process. By understanding your aims for the future, and forecasting your wealth over your lifetime, we can show you what you can (and can't) do financially. We also optimise your wealth with careful planning, minimising taxes and making the most out of every penny.


Are you expecting a settlement? Read our key advice for big events and get in touch with one of our expert financial planners.

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