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Many people are moved to have their wealth and objectives reviewed when they are faced with a big change. We call these Big Life Events.


It's the perfect time to take advice - perhaps to help you make some difficult decisions or to tie up loose ends so you can focus on what's really important.


Some clients just want a tidy-up or want to move away from their current financial adviser.


We understand that every client's financial situation and motivation is different.

Planning for retirement

  • How do the new pension rules affect you?

  • What should you do with your tax free lump sum?

  • How long will your savings last in retirement?


Selling your business

  • Where should you invest the proceeds to generate income and make it last for life?

  • Should you start taking your pension?

  • Do you need to protect yourself from inheritance tax?


Expecting an inheritance

  • What should you do with the money you receive?

  • How could this change your life?


Winning the lottery

  • What have you always dreamed of doing?

  • Do you need advice about minimising tax and costs?

  • Are you thinking about giving some money away?


Receiving a settlement

  • Should you invest the proceeds or repay debt?

  • Do you need the money to provide a regular income?

  • What can you afford to do without the money running out?

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Big life events

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