5 ideas for the perfect UK summer staycation

5 ideas for the perfect summer staycation

Like most of us, you’re probably dreaming of your next holiday abroad. Your summer plans may have been interrupted, but let us look on the bright side – it’s a great time to plan for the perfect UK summer staycation.

With so much of the world to explore, it’s easy to forget the brilliant and beautiful places we have right on our doorstep. In last week’s blog we looked at the hidden gems in Nottingham and Derby, but this week we’re looking further afield at holiday ideas and destinations around the UK.

So, here’s our top 5 ideas for your perfect summer staycation:

1. Forest holidays

Although there may not be the hustle and bustle that we’re used to, slowly and surely the streets are starting to fill up again. Some people will enjoy getting back to a form of normality, but others might just want to hold on to that peace and quiet for a little bit longer. So why not try a forest break.

Of course, the main hotspots for an outdoorsy type holiday include the Lake District, Peak District, North Wales and the Scottish Highlands. All of which offer stunning walks, rich heritage and the most incredible views.

Or, for an even more remote location, have a look at the Forest Holidays website to find your perfect lodge in amongst the greenery. By day you can get out walking, taking in the beautiful countryside, and exploring any local towns. Then, by night you can get cosy with a bottle of wine and some games, and maybe even a dip in the hot tub.

To ensure you have a safe and clean stay, the team at Forest Holidays have adapted the check-in and check-out process to minimise contact, added social distancing floor markings and developed a Clean Assure+ process, guaranteeing a thorough secondary deep clean before you arrive.

2. Road Trip

Why limit yourself to one destination? Being in the driver’s seat, you can control your journey from start to finish.

Get out on the open road and absorb the natural beauty that the UK has to offer. Drive through Scottland’s North Coast 500 and take in the breathtaking views of the Scottish Highlands. Or, if it’s the sea you’re missing, then ride along England’s eastern coastline on the Norfolk coast and visit the seaside towns of Hunstanton, Cromer and Blakeney. And, don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for seals at Blakely Point, home to the largest seal colony in England.

3. Center Parcs

They say it’s fun for all the family, and we certainly agree! It’s the perfect combination of a forest holiday and spa break. You can pretty much shape your visit here into whatever you want it to be.

If you’re on the adventurous side, you can explore the forest, hire a bike for the day and enjoy their wide variety of outdoor activities. Then treat it like a home away from home and go to the supermarket to buy your groceries for the week and delve into cooking in your cosy log cabin.

Or, if you’re looking for relaxation, you can get your fix of spa treatments, relax by the pool with drinks from the bar and dine out at your choice of a high-end restaurant.

Many of their activities are still available for you to enjoy. However, there may be some slight changes to your experience. Here, you can read all about the changes they’ve made in line with government safety guidelines.

4. Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside

You can’t beat a seaside break. There’s just something very calming about looking out to sea and hearing the waves break on the sand. Although it might not seem like the best trade-off if you had a tropical beach holiday planned, it will still help to clear your mind and create the illusion that you’re on holiday abroad. For this seaside getaway, we recommend a trip to the stunning beaches in Cornwall or Devon.

Why not try somewhere new? That way you’ll be exploring new areas, shops and restaurants. You can eat out, stay up late, enjoy the sunset, and generally enjoy your holiday as you would normally. There’s no kidding that the weather probably won’t be as good as abroad, but we will keep our fingers crossed for that British sun to make a guest appearance.

5. City slicker

All too often when we plan to go on holiday, we think about sun, sea and sand. But, have you taken the time to explore the cities across the UK?

To start, London is recognised as one of the greatest cities in the world, no matter what it is you want to do, London will have the answer. Why not enjoy the city when it is quieter than usual. Or how about exploring some of the more leafy suburban spots like Hamstead Ponds or Bushy Park.

And let’s not forget Edinburgh, with its overflowing history and culture. The famous Edinburgh castle stands grandly in the centre of the city, offering a unique look into the past. And, although the Fringe Festival was cancelled with a heavy heart this year, the creative buzz can still be felt throughout the city.

Remember that things haven’t gone back to normal yet, so it would be wise to plan your trip well in advance and check whether the places you want to go require you to book ahead. Also, be aware that most businesses are still trying to get back on their feet, so be patient and if you can’t make a reservation, don’t forget to let them know.

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