We know we are very different from most financial advisers – and we are proud of it.

Everything we do is carefully designed to give you what you need. Whether that’s a feeling of structure and organisation with your money, financial security with a regular income, or understanding when to make changes such as retiring from work or giving money away.

We know that in order to really help you, it’s not just about investing money for good returns, it’s about minimising taxes through sensible planning, keeping investment costs low, thinking innovatively and in conjunction with other experts where needed. Everything needs to be taken into account, and your situation stress-tested to make sure it is robust, with contingency plans in place.

Typical financial advice firms take a narrower approach and are more restricted in what they can, or are prepared, to do for you. They usually charge differently too.

Holistic financial planning

We are financial planners.

We focus on you and what you want from life, not just your money.

Independent advice

When our plans include recommending a financial product, our independent status helps us find the best option without any restrictions.

Fixed fees

We charge fixed, all-inclusive, fees, based on the complexity of what you need, not the amount you invest.

A dedicated team

Committed to delivering the highest-quality financial planning, helping all our clients achieve their life’s aspirations. Our team is encouraged to improve their own skills, while enjoying the benefits of flexible working.

Highly qualified

As a Chartered Financial Planning firm, our team has some of the highest-regarded qualifications in the financial advice world, and we believe in continually improving our knowledge and skills.

Bespoke services

Each and every client receives a bespoke service, designed around their needs and values.

Independently owned

We are an independent firm, owned and managed by our board. All decisions are taken in-house without external influences.

Continual improvement

Core to our ethos of always seeking improvements, we regularly review our advice, systems and processes, as well as engaging specialists to provide their expert feedback.

Joined-up thinking

We believe in the importance of engaging experts to get best results. So, where needed, we will work alongside professionals such as your lawyer and accountant.