Tina Winter is a Master of Life Planning and a Registered Life Planner. All of our other planners have attended extensive life planning training with the globally recognised Kinder Institute of Life Planning.

Only a fraction of financial planners and advisers have accreditations from the Kinder Institute of Life Planning. The training Tina, Rebecca and Krupesh have received sets them apart, giving them skills to truly understand what you want from life.

The Kinder method teaches planners to focus on you as an individual, understanding your essential goals in life before considering your wealth and developing a plan.

Traditionally financial advisers have prioritised the numbers; how much do you have? What are you paying? What returns are you receiving? Often ignoring your goals, ambitions and aspirations.

We believe this is fundamentally wrong. After all, how can we build a financial plan without understanding what it is you want from life? To do so we ask questions such as:

  • “If you had more time or money, what would you do?”
  • “What do you want to accomplish or attain so you will feel that you’ve had a life well-lived?”
  • “What moves, touches, or inspires you?”

We’ll ask, then sit back and listen.

This process of Life Planning puts you first, because what’s really important is your life, not your money.