Selling a business?

Let’s get this straight. It’s not any business, it’s your business. And if you are thinking about selling, there’s probably a combination of issues going around in your head.

You might have started your business many years ago and are proud of what you’ve achieved. However, that might be balanced with sadness that you will no longer be involved, or at least not to the same extent. You know you will need to let go.

Perhaps the business currently occupies a lot of your time, interest and energy. So, you are wondering what on earth you will do on the Monday morning after the deal completes.

If you are like most people in your position, you may simply find it hard to imagine that the sale will actually complete. Even after the proceeds are in your bank account, you may worry that your lawyer will get in touch to say there has been a dreadful mistake.

Planning ahead

The key to a successful business sale, which will ultimately unlock the door to the next phase of your life, is to plan ahead. Ideally, we like to start working with business owners 12 – 24 months before they plan to sell.

It’s important to understand the amount of money you need for the rest of your life, so you can compare it to what you are being offered. Knowing these two numbers is crucial. We’ve seen business owners holding out for an unrealistic price they will never get and don’t actually need.

Understanding the amount you need to live the life you want once the business is sold is crucial.

That’s where we come in.

By understanding your vision for the future, and forecasting your wealth over your lifetime, we can show you what you can (and can’t) do financially after the sale of your business. This process will cast the offers you receive in a whole new light. No longer will you be holding out for a specific and arbitrary amount.

The amount you are looking for will have real meaning. After all, it’s the key to the rest of your life.

Naturally, our advice will also help you to:

  • Structure your drawings in the months before you sell the business to make the most of tax planning allowances
  • Understand the options you have in respect of commercial property that you may own, especially if it is linked to the business and / or held in a pension
  • Structure the sale in a way which reduces the tax you will pay, making the most out of every penny
  • Understand what you want out of life, perhaps even a new purpose, when the business is sold
  • Invest the proceeds of the sale in a way which is aligned with your new objectives and aspirations

The holistic nature of our service means we will be with you every step of the way. From the day a potential sale is added to the agenda of your board meeting, until the completion of the sale, and beyond.

We’ll work with your lawyers and accountant too, ensuring you get the best possible advice at a crucial time in your life.

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Are you a business owner? Running your own business often brings with it greater risk, stress and pressure. But the rewards, both financial and personal, can be tremendous, and the satisfaction of seeing your business grow is immense.

This guide is intended to help you align your corporate and financial planning goals, so you can achieve the outcomes you want from your business.

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