Professional advice and support can be especially valuable when you are faced with a big change in your life.

If you are planning a business sale or retirement, you might need help understanding how much you need to support your planned lifestyle.

  • You may be dealing with the emotional impact of losing someone and need support understanding what to do with your inheritance.
  • You may want a tidy-up or to move away from your current financial adviser for a more comprehensive plan.
  • Or perhaps you simply want to know if you have enough to enjoy a change of lifestyle and if so, what your limits are.

We know that everyone’s financial situation and motivation is different, so our planning is designed just for you.

Planning to retire?

  • What do you want from the next phase of your life?
  • Can you afford to retire now, on an income sufficient to provide your chosen lifestyle?
  • How do the new pension rules affect you?
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Already retired?

  • Do you have enough income to live the life you want?
  • Could you take more income from your pensions, investments or savings to improve your quality of life?
  • How do you leave a financial legacy when you die?
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Receiving a lump sum?

  • How can the lump sum, for example following a divorce or compensation payment, be used to change your life?
  • Should you invest the proceeds or repay debt?
  • Do you need the money to provide a regular income?
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Receiving an inheritance?

  • What should you do with the money you receive?
  • What do you want from life? How could this money help you achieve your aspirations?
  • What steps do you need to take to put your own affairs in order?
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Winning the lottery?

  • How can you use the money to live the life you have always dreamed of?
  • How can you ensure you make the right decisions so you retain as much of your winnings as possible in the long term?
  • Do you need advice about minimising tax and costs?
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Selling a business?

  • How can you reduce the tax you pay and keep more of the sale proceeds for yourself?
  • What do you want to do in the next phase of your life?
  • How can you generate income and make it last for the rest of your life?
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