The beginning

After years of experience in different firms and having helped hundreds of clients, I had strong views on how financial planning should be delivered and what clients really wanted. I also had the confidence to challenge conventional practice and do things differently.

My vision was to build a holistic financial planning business based on the principles of being fair, doing what we promise, and continually challenging our thinking.

The perfect financial planning firm didn’t exist anywhere. So I set about creating it, and very quickly Balance: Wealth Planning was born and started to grow.

The vision that I had at the beginning can be clearly seen now.

Take fees, for example. We believe in fairness and are comfortable in challenging the norm. The result is that our fees are fixed, and all-inclusive, based on the complexity of your situation and what you require. We do not charge a percentage of what may be invested. That sounds simple, but it’s vastly different and much more transparent than the way most firms work. We’ve never sought to be like anyone else, and are very comfortable standing out for something we believe in.

Our values can also be clearly seen in our team, who are supported to continually grow and develop professionally and have the flexibility to work in a way that suits them and fits with their other commitments, striking a positive balance in their own lives.

We hope that you will see the influence of our vision and values throughout all your many experiences with us.

What makes us different

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