Carefully growing and protecting your wealth is a skill, with incredible value. We have strong expertise in doing exactly that, for hundreds of clients.

However, we believe that growing wealth shouldn’t be an aim in itself. Instead, a more healthy and fulfilling focus is on the lifestyle you would like and how your wealth could be used. That could be anything from a sense of security, helping your family on the property ladder, starting up a business or luxurious trips around the world. You come with the ideas, and we make the plans.

That’s what makes our style of financial planning so valuable. We have the technical knowledge and stacks of experience to allow us to recommend intelligent ways to structure your finances, as you’d expect. When we construct a Financial Plan, we provide detailed advice in all these areas:

  • How to build your wealth effectively, invest it sensibly and protect it from unnecessary risks.
  • Advice about managing your income and spending appropriately, particularly if you are a business owner or in retirement.
  • Strategies to minimise all types of taxes and charges, which eat into your wealth.

The other element we bring to the table is a deep appreciation and understanding of what money is for and how it can be used, with a history of helping our clients live their best lives. In all our clients’ Financial Plans, we have a strong focus on:

  • Your personal goals for life and your priorities. Whether that’s around living simply, or having big ticket bucket-list milestones.
  • Whether you have enough to safely live your ideal lifestyle and if not, what compromises are necessary.
  • Providing clarity about what you have, and how that might change in future

Our approach to financial planning is centred around having a vision of what you want and providing you with a plan to get there, while feeling in control of your wealth and assured your investments are being managed effectively.

From the moment you first get in touch, you will start on a journey with us. That journey will take you through several stages as we start to understand you, your current concerns and future aspirations.

As we work together, you can expect to feel an increasing sense of clarity and purpose about what’s important to you and what you want to achieve. You will also feel a sense of relief as your financial plan takes shape and your worries fade away.

We know financial planning changes lives. As time goes on, you should feel more comfortable with your finances, and confident to spend more time doing the things you enjoy, reassured that we are on hand whenever you need us.

When you get in touch with us, we’ll have a quick call with you to understand more about your requirements and answer any immediate questions you have.

If it sounds like we will be able to help you, we’ll organise a free initial consultation meeting.

This meeting usually lasts around 90 minutes or so. It will usually be at our Nottingham or Lincolnshire offices but can also be on Microsoft Teams if that’s more convenient.

We’ll listen as you tell us:

  • Your concerns and priorities
  • What’s on your mind
  • What you may be worried about
  • Why you need advice now
  • What you would like from your financial planner

This conversation is all about you. We will put our Kinder Institute training to good use as we listen to what you need. We will ask you about your existing savings, investments and pensions, and answer questions that might come up during our conversation. We might also challenge your current plan, suggesting a different approach and offering another perspective. We will cover as much as we can in that time to give you a good flavour of what it would be like to work together.

Although we have a rough agenda for our conversation, the meeting is organic in nature, we won’t be filling in forms, and we’ll see where our time together takes us.

Once we know more about you and your aims, we’ll provide you with a written proposal. We will meet you again to go through:

  • What we have observed about your financial situation so far.
  • Where we feel you could make the greatest improvements to your current plan and investment portfolios.
  • An outline of what we may recommend if we work together along with the likely benefit to you. That can range from simple planning steps that you may already have thought about (such as paying more into your pension) or could be more complex planning (such as a strategy to substantially reduce your taxes or move wealth into trusts).

It will also include details of the initial fee and ongoing monthly fee we propose for all of that planning. In both cases, the fee will be a fixed, all-inclusive, monetary fee. Click here to read more.

We will provide our proposal on screen and by email, along with our Service Agreement for you to sign when you’re ready to get started.

Once you’ve signed our Service Agreement, we will ask for you to give some careful thought to what you want your future to look like. We may give you some thought-provoking questions to answer, or have a detailed conversation with you. This is where we start to build a fuller picture of you and your financial life.

This is an important step to complete before we start constructing your financial plan, because in order to give you advice about your wealth, we (you and us) all need to have some understanding of what it is for, and how it might be needed in future. This all rests on the type of lifestyle you want to have, and what is important to you.

This is where our detailed work starts.

It usually takes between two and six weeks for us to build your plan. The exact period depends on several factors, including the providers of your existing pensions, investments and savings.

We’ll use sophisticated financial planning software to map out your financial future. We will also consider whether you can afford the life you want now and in various scenarios, stress testing your plan based on possible future events.

We’ll meet again to present your financial plan.

This meeting will also include live scenario testing. It’s your opportunity to say: “What if…” which we can then model in front of you.

Once the plan has been finalised and you are happy, we’ll make things happen. Our team will work through our action points. There may be some for you too, ranging from making a will to booking that holiday you’ve been putting off or making other significant changes that we’ve agreed.

Naturally, we will provide regular updates on the progress we are making.

In the following months we will follow up with you, to make sure everything in your financial plan is underway.

We’ll ask you to update us on the progress you have made with your actions and we will check all of our actions have been completed too.

Life has a habit of throwing up events which will knock your plan off track if they aren’t addressed. Your goals and aspirations for life might change too.

That’s why we need to meet to ensure your plan stays on track.

Before we meet we’ll be in touch to ask you what’s changed. We also want to know if there is anything specific you want to cover, as well as any new priorities or concerns.

At the meeting we will recap your goals, review investment performance, consider tax planning and then turn to the plan, focusing on and discussing your future.

Again, the meeting will be followed by a new action plan for each of us to complete.