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Our story

Our story is about family, life, money and the search for a sensible balance.


Rebecca had worked as a Director and part of the management team of high profile financial planning firms for many years. She was responsible for financial planning,  business operations, compliance, team development and was also a member of investment committees.


She advised people who wanted to use their pensions to grow their businesses, she helped women invest their divorce settlements for life, she helped families facing inheritance tax problems. It was challenging, exciting, and she loved it.


She also spent over a year working with other financial planning businesses as an independent consultant, helping them improve their client experience, business efficiency and develop their business strategy.


Meanwhile, Matt had a senior role at an international technology security company, working with large corporations to manage their technology and data security risks.

Over time, we had two children and gradually our priorities as a family changed. We sat down one evening and wrote down all the things that were important to us and what we wanted to achieve - over the next year, 5 years and beyond.


What we realised is that we wanted to create our own wealth planning business - with a fresh approach, the latest technologies and a dedication to great service.


Rebecca had the experience of giving financial advice to clients, running a business and a clear vision of what clients needed. Matt's background in security and technology would make us even stronger.


All the changes we made and planned that night helped us start to create the balance we wanted between professional and personal life.


In so many decisions we make in life there's a balance to be struck, which is why we named our business Balance: Wealth Planning.

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