10 Ways to remember family when they’re gone

ways to remember family when they’re

Losing a loved one can be a deeply emotional and stressful experience, and many people worry about their memories fading. There are some meaningful ways to remember family members when they’re gone. Let’s look at ten ideas to help you commemorate their lives.

  1. Ashes in glass jewellery
    An increasingly popular way to remember a loved one is by turning some of their ashes into a beautiful piece of glass jewellery. There are a number of skilled artisans who can create custom pendants, rings or charms containing ashes. These jewellery pieces can serve as a source of comfort, allowing you to carry a physical reminder of your loved one wherever you go.
  2. Plant a memorial tree
    Planting a tree in memory of a family member or friend is a timeless and environmentally conscious way to honour their legacy. As the tree grows, it will serve as a living reminder of their life. There are various green burial grounds and woodlands across the UK where you can plant a memorial tree. You could choose a tree species that holds some significance to your loved one.
  3. Display precious items
    Symbolic heirlooms and mementos often end up packed away in loft spaces or cupboards. Although it might be painful at first, consider displaying these items throughout your home to help you remember your loved one. Whether it’s a piece of fine china, a quilt, or a special photo, these items can evoke fond memories.
  4. Use familiar everyday things
    Everyday items like plates, serving dishes, tablecloths and even clothes pegs can sometimes have sentimental value if they once belonged to a family member. By using these items in your daily life, you will both remember your loved one and continue their legacy through practical use.
  5. Create a photo album or scrapbook
    Compiling a photo album or scrapbook dedicated to your departed family member helps to remind you of memories. You could fill it with photographs, handwritten notes, and memorabilia that celebrate their life. You can then flip through the pages and relive any cherished memories you once shared.
  6. Install a public bench
    Consider using some of your inheritance to create something meaningful that will benefit others. For instance, you could use funds to install a garden bench in their favourite local park or along a walking trail. In some areas, you can sponsor a public bench and dedicate it to their memory. As well as commemorating your loved one, you’ll be providing a comfortable seat for people to sit and enjoy nature.
  7. Sponsor a seat or a student
    If your family member had a passion for the arts or education, you could consider sponsoring a seat in their local theatre. You could also look at supporting a university student through their course. These types of philanthropic gestures not only honour your loved one’s interests, but they help to provide opportunities for others too.
  8. Hold a memorial event
    Organising an annual memorial event in honour of your family member is another way to celebrate their life. You could invite friends and family to come together, share stories, and commemorate their memory. This is a touching way to ensure their legacy lives on and provides an opportunity for people to pay their respects.
  9. Repurpose old clothing

Making something new out of a loved one’s clothing is a creative way to help you treasure their memory. You could make a cushion out of the clothing or cut out fabric patches and sew them together to form a quilt. There are also craftspeople who specialise in turning people’s clothing into memorial teddy bears.

  1. Create a digital tribute

In today’s digital age, you can easily create a lasting online tribute to your family member. You could set up a blog or a social media page dedicated to their memory. This will enable you to share stories, photos and anecdotes that celebrate their life, inviting others to contribute their own memories and thoughts too.

By remembering loved ones after they’ve passed away, you can keep their legacy alive and share precious memories with future generations. There are many ways to remember a family member or friend, from tangible keepsakes to charitable endeavours. Although the pain of their loss may never completely fade, acts of remembrance can help you grieve.

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Using your inheritance from a loved one can enable you to be philanthropic and continue their legacy in a meaningful way. It also has some practical aspects too, such as helping to lower your own estate value, if you have inheritance tax (IHT) concerns.

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