6 Ideas for last-minute UK summer breaks

ideas for last-minute UK summer breaks

With the summer solstice this week, are you still thinking of going on holiday, but you’ve not booked anything? Don’t worry, there’s still hope! We’ve shared six interesting ideas for last-minute UK summer breaks for you to consider.

  1. Eco-conscious wild camping
    A budget-friendly option for any nature lover, wild camping is the latest trend for eco-warriors. An increasing number of rural campsites have opened in recent years, providing a back-to-basics holiday. Surrounded by nature, people can immerse themselves in the beauty of morning birdsong. Enjoy sunrise and sunset, unspoilt by artificial street lighting. Sit back and watch the stars at night around a campfire.
  2. Foraging and cooking
    Foraging days and weekends are another current trend. This is where you explore the countryside and forage for wild food. You’ll be picking mushrooms, berries, fruits, nuts and herbs, and possibly vegetables. After you have gathered your edible plants, you will learn about their nutritional values and how to cook and prepare them. As foraging experiences are available across the UK, pick a location that appeals to you.
  3. Health and wellbeing retreats
    A wellbeing retreat is the perfect antidote to a busy life and there are a vast range across the UK. Simply choose the area you’d like to focus on and pick your preferred location. Some spas specialise in specific types of massage or beauty treatments. Wellbeing breaks might offer meditation, yoga and other activities. A retreat might focus on relaxation, mindfulness, confidence boosting or certain forms of healing.
  4. Activity weekends
    If you’re an aspiring writer or a budding artist, there are lots of activity-based breaks where you can improve your skills. Look at areas across the UK famous for specialist trades. In Cornwall, the St Ives School of Painting offers painting classes and holidays. In Devon and Staffordshire, you will find a choice of pottery and ceramic workshops. In North Norfolk, you can learn various artisan crafts from experts.
  5. City breaks
    If you have teenagers, then a break in a city like Liverpool can offer plenty of activities. Accommodation in London and Edinburgh can be expensive, but you could stay on the outskirts and take advantage of public transport networks. Or choose a smaller cathedral city like Chester, Lincoln or Canterbury. Not only will you have easy access to the surrounding countryside, but you’ll be less than an hour from the sea.
  6. Sightseeing tours
    A group tour is a great way to see the UK, and the best bit of all is that you won’t need to drive! If you’re sociable and enjoy meeting people, you could make some lifelong friends. Guided tours include visiting whisky distilleries and castles in Scotland or the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. If you love plants, there are tours that include the Eden Project in Cornwall or Kew Gardens in London.

Funding your holiday

Whether you’re a wild camper or you prefer a more luxurious break, make sure you have enough funds for your holiday. A financial plan can help your money work harder for you both now and in the future. You can safely plan ahead for holidays and for your retirement.

Nobody knows for sure what life has in store for them. Financial planning ensures you have some protection in place if you were impacted by an unexpected big life event. And by managing and protecting your finances, you can continue to enjoy your current lifestyle.

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