6 ideas for your post-social distancing bucket list

6 ideas for your post-social distancing bucket list

Around 20% of the global population is now in lockdown. Life as we knew it has changed significantly and we’re all having to adapt to the new ‘normal’.

We’re sure, like us, you’re all itching to get out of the house and enjoy the luxuries of life that we previously took for granted. But right now, we just need to band together and of course, stay safe and stay at home.

But, what you can do is write down your plans post-lockdown. So, grab a piece of paper and jot down everything you’re currently missing, or what you’re most looking forward to.

Here are six ideas that are sure to be worthy contenders for your post-social distancing bucket list:

1. Go on a world-class holiday

Many people have had to either cancel or delay their holiday plans for this year. So it’s time to start planning the next big adventure, adding any refunded money to the budget.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt, it’s to live in the now because the future is so unpredictable. So, once lockdown is over treat yourself to that 5* luxury holiday or go further afield than you usually would and see more of the world.

2. Eat out at your favourite restaurant

As soon as restaurants reopen, they’ll need your support to get them back on their feet, so if anything you’d be doing a public service. That’s our rationale anyway!

3. Spend time with family and friends

Once we get the green light, we highly recommend visiting your loved ones and holding them tight. Many of us will deeply miss having that human connection we need. So make sure to take advantage of your free time and be proactive in making plans with people. Why not book that favourite restaurant of yours and share a lovely evening together.

4. Look for local events

Reuniting as a society may be the biggest event of the year, and with thousands of local events having to be held virtually or postponed, there will be lots to look forward to at the end of the year/next year. Sign up to mailing lists and for notifications from your favourite venues or event organisers so you don’t miss out.

5. Push yourself out of your comfort zone

It’s all too familiar to be cooped up in a house, performing a repeated routine and speaking to the people we are most comfortable around. But has the monotony of life in lockdown caused you to think outside the box for things to do?

Many of us are learning that it’s far more rewarding to turn to the unfamiliar and change up the routine, so why not challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone more often? Do something that you’d never have imagined before this pandemic.

6. Stick to any new-found habits or hobbies

Maybe you’ve used this time to catch up with odd jobs that you never got around to doing because of the busyness of life. Now that we’ve all slowed down, we’re organising draws, planting vegetables and getting creative during our free time.

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