7 Ideas for ecotourism holidays

7 Ideas for ecotourism holidays

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are opting for ecotourism holidays, where their travel has less impact on the environment. Climate change is an urgent issue that affects us all, and this type of holiday enables you to enjoy locations in a respectful way. There are various ways to travel without adding to your carbon footprint. We share seven ideas below to give you some inspiration.

1.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) – return flight for one person between London and New York

  1. Stay within the UK

    The first and most obvious way to reduce your carbon footprint is to avoid air travel. There are plenty of beautiful locations across the UK, which can be reached by car or train. If you want to reduce your use of petrol or diesel, take a train. This is a greener and more relaxing way to see the country without the hassle of motorway driving. For ideas on different activities within the UK, read our previous blog Combining hobbies with holidays.

  2. Stay on land and travel across Europe

    As even a return flight to Spain from the UK will generate a carbon footprint of 195kg of CO2 per person, you could consider train travel across the continent. Starting in a city like Nottingham, Birmingham or London, you can travel through the Eurotunnel into France and use Interrail connections. Go across to Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. Train travel is an ideal way to see different countries without the hassle of having to drive on the other side of the road.

  3. Mediterranean island hopping

    Many green charities have been comparing the carbon footprint of boats when compared to air flights. This is complicated because large cruise ships emit different types of pollution and waste, which can be quite harmful to the environment and sea life. So you could visit and hop across the Greek islands, opting for small boats and ferries to take you between each location. You can then walk or hire a bicycle to travel around the island, which will be a greener way to enjoy your holiday.

  4. Small ocean cruise liner

    If you have seafaring legs, then you could consider a cruise liner. As above, the pollution caused by large ships is being hotly debated, so aim for a smaller boat where possible. An ocean cruise to Patagonia at the southern tip of the South American continent is a popular destination. View wildlife in their natural habitat, such as penguins, condors and Eagles. Sail around fjords and icebergs, then stop off to visit glaciers and mountains, either on foot or by bike.

  5. Cultural experiences

    If you’re desperate to get away to sunnier climes in tropical locations, there are still ways to limit your impact on the planet. The key here is to take a holiday that respects the local environment and the people who live there. Kerala in South India has cultural and eco-friendly holidays. Cruise the backwaters and stay on a houseboat. Enjoy a home stay and visit organic spice farms. Meet local artists, musicians and craftsman, and you will be helping to support their local economy.

  1. Wildlife adventures

    There are plenty of wildlife spotting locations across the planet, and some national parks have volunteering opportunities so you can make a positive impact. Africa has wildlife, scenic savannah, volcanic landscapes and picturesque lakes. You could go on a gorilla trek or visit the golden monkeys, colobus and chimpanzees. You could go on a safari and support the national parks by funding the care of endangered species.

  2. Tropical jungles and plantations

    One all-round firm favourite for many eco-conscious travellers is Costa Rica. With an abundance of wildlife, you can enjoy guided jungle and cloud forest trails, including a nocturnal rainforest walk. Costa Rica has one of the most diverse ecosystems in Central America. There are also a number of fair-trade farms, coffee and chocolate plantations, which you can visit and include tastings.

ESG investing for eco-conscious travellers

If you’re someone who cares about your impact on the planet, you might also be interested in an ethical and sustainable investment strategy. Known as ESG investing – environmental, social and governance – this looks at certain financial factors to determine the decision-making process.

You can tailor your ESG investment portfolio to reflect your views on political, environmental and social issues. There are a vast number of choices you can make. You might decide you want to invest in companies who have a strong green agenda. You may prefer to invest in companies with a good anti-slavery policy or fair-trade agreements. You could decide not to invest in businesses located in countries with a poor human rights record.

Whether you need a review of your existing investment strategy, or you’d like to create a financial plan to fund a holiday, we can help. Our financial planners work closely with our clients to understand their aims and aspirations. Your financial plan will reflect your values and will be tailored to your personal goals.

If you’re interested in an ESG investment strategy or you need a financial review, get in touch to speak to our financial planning team.