Certified Financial Planners

Rebecca Aldridge, Laura Dean, Caroline Keegan and Lindy Kroese are Certified Financial Planners.

Awarded by The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), the Certified Financial Planner accreditation is a globally recognised mark of excellence in financial planning. The qualification process rests on:

  • Education
  • Examination
  • Experience, and
  • Ethics

Education: Financial planners must demonstrate both theoretical and practical knowledge by completing a comprehensive and rigorous course of study.

Examination: To become a Certified Financial Planner, candidates must pass the CISI’s Financial Planning & Advice examination. This is a true test of their knowledge, assessing their ability to apply their financial planning knowledge to real-life scenarios.

Detailed knowledge of the financial planning process, protection, retirement planning and estate planning is essential.

Experience: A minimum of three years’ unsupervised experience is required to attain Certified Financial Planner status. This ensures planners can demonstrate the necessary financial counselling skills to complement their theoretical knowledge.

Ethics: All Certified Financial Planners must agree to abide by the CISI’s strict Code of Conduct, which defines their ethical responsibilities to the public, clients and employers.

This commitment includes placing the interests of their clients first, acting fairly, diligently and with integrity, while offering clients professional services that are objective and based on their needs. Furthermore, Certified Financial Planners must disclose in writing to clients information about their sources of compensation and conflicts of interest.