What is financial planning? (Listen again)

In this session, we’ll cover creating a vision for the future and setting goals, as well as the six steps of financial planning and how to find the right financial planner. We’ll also suggest some actions to take away, as well as provide resources to help you with your financial planning journey.

Listen again (From October 2021)

Making the most of your retirement (Listen again)

For those who are already retired, or soon approaching retirement, this webinar will provide valuable insight into the practical tools and essential factors to consider to ensure a fulfilled and happy retirement.

Listen again (From September 2021)

Inheritance planning: Considering the here and now, and beyond (Listen again)

If you're considering your plans for the very long term, you'll be considering how to transfer your wealth effectively, most likely to your family. Our inheritance planning webinar will help you understand your options, how inheritance tax works, and how to plan for an effective transfer of wealth.

Listen again (From August 2021)

Redundancy: How to secure your financial future (Listen again)

This webinar will deliver essential information to those concerned about redundancy, helping people understand their options and how to plan for a secure financial future.

Listen again (From July 2021)

Planning to retire: A comfortable future (Listen again)

For those approaching retirement, this webinar will help you visualise what retirement means to you and how to put plans in place to achieve all you want from this new phase of life.

Listen again (From June 2021)

Selling a business: Your exit strategy (Listen again)

This webinar explores the main options when selling a business, why people should have a plan to maximise their profits and how to decide when enough is enough.

Listen again (From May 2021)

Ethical investing: Doing more with your money (Listen again)

For anyone keen to learn more about how to do good with their money, this webinar aims to break down the concept of ethical investing and highlight the various investment options that benefit both people and the planet.

Listen again (From April 2021)

Divorce: Planning for the next phase (Listen again)

If you or someone you know is going through or has been through a divorce, you’ll appreciate that it’s a bump in the road that is hard to navigate through. Life can suddenly look very different from what was planned, which can be incredibly unsettling. This webinar covers the most important things to prioritise and take care of at this time and provide clear and easy to understand steps to make sure the future is as bright and secure as possible.

Listen again (From July 2020)