How do you get a postal vote?

Postal vote

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently announced that the 2024 General Election will be held on 4th July. It’s important to vote and have your voice heard. However, turning up at a polling station is not always possible or convenient for many people. So, how do you get a postal vote? Let’s look at how you can register for a postal vote instead.

Are you registered to vote?

First, you need to check that you’re eligible to vote. Your ability to vote will depend on your nationality, age, where you currently live, and whether you’re registered to vote.

For a General Election, you need to be a registered voter and 18 years or over on polling day. You must also be a British, Irish (or a qualifying Commonwealth) citizen living at a UK address (or registered as an overseas voter).

If you’re not already aware that you are eligible to vote, then you need to check that you are able to vote. For more information, visit Register to vote on the website.

If you are not registered to vote, there is a separate application process. The deadline is midnight 12 working days before the poll.

How do you vote?

There are three main ways to vote – in person at a polling station, by postal vote, or by applying for someone to vote for you (by proxy). The last option is usually only applicable in certain circumstances. For example, if you’re away and unable to register for a postal vote or you have a disability or a medical issue. You can also vote by proxy if you’re away because of work or due to military service.

If you cannot get to a polling station on 4th July for the General Election, then it’s advisable to do a postal vote. The voting pack comes about two weeks before the voting day. This should give you plenty of time to research the candidates, fill in the ballot paper, and post your vote.

Postal votes are a good option if you’re away on election day. It’s easy to register and you don’t need to give a specific reason for posting this way. If you cannot vote in a polling station, download and apply for the postal vote here.

Please note the deadline for returning your postal vote application is before 5pm 11 working days before the poll.

Make your voice heard

We recommend taking a look at each party’s manifesto before you vote. A ‘manifesto’ is the publication issued by each political party before a General Election. It contains the policies that represent what each party stands for and how they intend to govern. Compare the different manifestos to see which one most aligns with your views and values.

It can be frustrating to know who to vote for if you do not feel compelled to support any of the main parties. But remember this is your chance for your voice to be heard, even if it’s to vote against a party. Many autocratic countries around the world do not give their citizens the ability to vote. So, take a look at each political party’s manifesto and make your vote count.

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