Striving for a sustainable future

At Balance: Wealth Planning we’ve always offered ‘ethical’ or ‘green’ investment solutions. This is an area that is gathering pace and interest with more of our clients not only asking about how they can meet their financial goals but also how they can reflect their values through their investments. Alongside this, we’re seeing greater developments with regulators and investment managers as part of a wider national and global trend towards greener investing. In-house we’re refining our own offering to better meet the needs of our clients.

Balance: Wealth for Good

We believe that it’s important to check the credentials of any provider offering a green product or service to see if they genuinely ‘walk the talk’ or if they’re trying to ‘green-wash’ as a marketing gimmick. To this end, we think it’s important for us to demonstrate that we truly live these values ourselves. For example, at our Nottingham office, we’ve recently launched our ‘Balance: Rooftop Garden Terrace’ with a range of fruit, vegetables and flowers. We also recycle and make a conscious effort to conserve energy where we can. Two of our Financial Planners drive electric/hybrid cars and others often walk or cycle to work. All contributing to our common goal of lowering our already low carbon footprint.

The Low Carbon Business Network

As part of our overall initiative to be greener, we recently applied and have been accepted into the Low Carbon Business Network (LCBN) which is part of the wider D2N2 Growth Hub (a support network for growing and ambitious business across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire). The LCBN is designed to specifically support businesses that offer green products and services. The team, led by Dr Fred Paterson (Senior Lecturer in Leadership Development, specialising in sustainable businesses at Derby University) has over 100 years of combined experience in this area and we are excited to begin working with them and networking with the over 100 local members.

Our experience

One of our Financial Planners, Krupesh Kotecha, recently attended his first quarterly meetup in summer. Held at Badger Farm in Hilton and hosted by Motion Vehicles (a supplier of green car leasing). Of the day Krupesh said:

“It was great to meet, for the first time, the team behind the LCBN, Fred and Helen were very friendly and helpful in making us feel welcomed as a new member. It was great to meet the site owners of Badger Farm and insightful to learn how they’ve turned the former farming site into purpose-built offices with a solar farm on site that supplies all their electricity. A bonus was the onsite electric vehicle charging points, which meant I could drive there and back on all electric! Something more office sites should have, in my opinion.

After meeting with the team I am confident they will help us to accelerate Balance: Wealth Planning towards a more sustainable business so that we can be confident to know that we’re not only playing our part in the local economy to help Derby and Nottingham towards achieving their sustainability goals but also meeting the needs of our clients with the adoption of green investment solutions. For us being green isn’t just the latest bandwagon trend – we’re aiming for a shade evergreen.“

What about you?


If you’re a business owner and would like to know more about the Low Carbon Business Network and how it can help you please contact Krupesh – or call 0115 7722126 for further information.

Alternatively, if you are wanting financial planning advice and would like to work with a company that promotes sustainable growth through green investment solutions, please get in touch and speak to one of our Financial Planners.