To Brexit or not to Brexit? That is the question


Only days away from the date Brexit negotiations were expected to come to an end, today’s news has confirmed there will be yet another extension. This has left many people wondering if the current PM will ever manage to ‘get Brexit done’.

It’s been difficult to keep up with the Brexit debacle, with many of the public just wishing for it all to be over and to move on with their lives. However, according to recent reports, it appears Boris has something different planned altogether for the coming weeks.

UK Parliament rejects Brexit Timetable

Last week MPs voted to back Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s deal to leave the European Union. Yet, just a matter of days later they chose to vote against the PMs accelerated Brexit deal timetable.

Another General Election?

Boris Johnson has said that if the current Parliament are unable to see Brexit through, then we need one that will. Last week he was insisting that if the government is forced to agree to an extension up to 31st January then he will push for a general election on 12th December.

As MPs now prepare to vote on Johnson’s proposal for an early general election, it has been confirmed that the 27 EU leaders have agreed to a so-called Brexit “flextension” until 31st January 2020. Meaning the UK could leave the EU prior to the deadline if a deal is approved by Parliament.

The Budget Delay

Following the news that Johnson will push for a general election in December, the government has decided to abandon plans to hold a budget on 6th November. The budget was initially pitched as the government’s post-Brexit statement but with the planned exit now in question, the budget has also been put on hold.

Beyond Brexit: What is the impact on your wealth?

Once the Government finally pulls their act together, we hope to shed some light on what the changes will mean for us all.

With the long-anticipated exit from the European Union and a budget day looming, it’s safe to say we are all keen to understand what the key issues could be for our personal finances.

Keep your eyes peeled for details on this as the saga continues to unfold…

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