6 UK travel bucket list challenges

uk travel bucket list

When it comes to travel, there are so many interesting challenges you can do within our own shores. Staying within our borders is also a more sustainable way to travel too. We share six UK travel bucket list challenges to inspire your imagination and your adventures.

  1. Dine at Michelin star restaurants
    At the time of writing, the UK is home to 188 restaurants with at least one Michelin star or more. But if you want a gastro challenge, you could choose to dine at all of the top-rated list. There are currently 20 restaurants with two Michelin stars and eight with three Michelin stars. The majority of these restaurants are based in London.If Michelin-star restaurants seem a bit pricey, why not try dining at all the Bib Gourmand eateries instead? This alternative rating is awarded for great value and quality cooking. There are currently 20 Bib Gourmand restaurants across the UK.
  1. Climb the highest hills and mountains
    Whether you prefer to hike, climb or you’re a trail runner, there are groups of hills and mountains in every country. The most famous is the National 3 Peaks Challenge where you climb Ben Nevis, Scotland, Eryri (Snowdon) in Wales and Scafell Pike in England. The idea is that you climb each one within 24 hours, but some extend this to a 3-day challenge, and you can use the opportunity to raise money for a charity.And don’t forget the three Leicestershire “peaks” in the East Midlands! Each year a charity walk covers Old John in Bradgate Park, Bardon Hill and Beacon Hill. This is a great training exercise for those preparing to tackle larger peaks.
  1. Swim in every sea
    There are four seas surrounding the UK and you could choose to swim in each one. In the South we have the English Channel, separating us from the European continent. In the East we have the North Sea, which spans across to Scandinavia and Northern Europe. In the West the Irish Sea laps at the Welsh coastline, and the shores around Cornwall and Devon greet the Atlantic Ocean.If you have children, this challenge will involve a real bucket (and spade) and will give you infinite options to holiday around the UK.
  1. Visit the oldest cathedrals
    UK history goes back thousands of years, and our oldest surviving church, St. Martin’s in Canterbury, was built by the Saxons in 590 AD. Nearby is the beautiful Canterbury Cathedral, dated 597 AD and built to introduce Christianity to England. Officially, there are 22 ancient cathedrals in the UK, which have existed since medieval times. Why not challenge yourself to visit each one? Our oldest cathedrals include York Minster, Durham, Lincoln, Norwich, Ely, Worcester, Hereford, Wells, Winchester, Salisbury and, of course, St Paul’s.
  1. Stay in every county
    Although the exact number can sometimes vary, there are over 90 counties in the UK, which include metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas. So, why not set yourself a bucket-list challenge to visit each one? For example, Greater London is split over six counties – Hertfordshire, Essex, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent. So, you could train hop across the area and stay in each neighbouring county. In Wales there are 22 counties, and you could easily stop in several in one holiday. Up in Scotland, you will find 33 counties. The North Coast 500 is the ultimate road trip and covers five counties, along the beautiful Scottish coastline and highlands.
  2. Visit 10 famous sports venues

If you’re a sports fan, then you could choose to visit 10 famous sports grounds. Many football stadiums offer tours such as Wembley, and the home grounds for Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Chelsea in London. Further north, you could visit Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium, Manchester United’s Old Trafford and Liverpool FC at Anfield.

Cricket offers several grounds to visit across the UK, such as The Oval, Lord’s, Trent Bridge and Headingley. If you prefer rugby, the National Stadium in Twickenham is a great place to start your tour. For tennis fans, you could begin with Wimbledon.

 There are countless ideas for bucket-list challenges, and we hope the above has inspired you to venture across our shores and visit some of the UK’s famous sites. Remember to update your financial plan to reflect your travel plans, so you always have enough funds to support your adventures. Our team would be happy to help you with your financial planning.

Would you benefit from some financial planning for your UK bucket-list challenge? Get in touch with our financial planners to ensure you reach every destination.